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Open Architecture for Building and Running Load Tests

Simple Web & API Testing

Need to quickly load test a home page, a single URL within your site, or even a mobile API endpoint. We allow you to compose simple tests and then scale them to tens of thousands of users within a few minutes.


OpenSource Tools

Apache JMeter, Gatling, Selenium, and WebDriver are more than just open source tools we enable in cloud load testing, they are vibrant communities with deep knowledge and products built on what real users need.


Open Load Testing

Open load tests give you the flexibility of writing load tests in languages and utilities you use every day. You can write custom tests in Python, PHP or Node.js.


Your Cloud, Your Test

We provide an open, easy, and cheap way for load testing. We achieve this with an open architecture which provides tuning and control to setting up the cloud load agents.


Easy means you can gift wrap load testing

to make QA simple and repeatable.

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Make It Easy
Build packaged, custom, and repeatable tests that can easily delivered to QA, streamlining your testing process.
Test Without Limits
Run an unlimited amount of tests on an unlimited amount of servers for as long as you’d like. Testing with RedLine13 means testing without limits.
Open Load Testing
Craft open load tests in your language of choice, whether it’s PHP, Python, or Node.JS.Test harness in each language is open source.
Test In You Own Environment
Take complete control of your tests by running them in your own AWS environment. The benefits of cloud, with the controls of on-premise.
Large Load Tests
Cloud load testing means you can scale out your tests: 1,000 users, 100,000 users, and even 1,000,000 users.
Continuously Test
By integrating with Jenkins, we complete the continuous integration process for load testing. So affordable you can test all day long.
Backup Tests, Replay Later
All RedLine13 user’s load tests are backed up and saved for your convenience. When you need to run the same tests again, simply hit the “clone test” button.
Open & Custom Plugins
Access our own open-source load testing plugins, craft your own, or use one from UBIK to streamline your testing process
Monitor Results, Generate Reports
From real-time graphs to generating downloadable reports, constantly monitor your load tests with our reporting features.

Partners that make load testing easier

Interested in being a RedLine13 Partner contact info@redline13.com

Continuous Integration (CI) is a development practice that requires a team to integrate code into a shared repository several times a day. Each check-in is then verified by an automated build, allowing teams to detect problems early. With services such as RedLine13 it is now cost-effective and easy to integrate load testing into this lifecycle.
We are excited to announce or partnership and integration with UBIKLoadPack. Customers of both platforms now have a simple way to launch tests for HTTP Live Video Streams, GWT Applications, Flex/Adobe Air Apps

What our customers are saying

"RedLine13 has been an indispensable part of out testing toolkit, thanks a lot for all the awesome work you all do."

“Less than 10 minutes on the phone [with RedLine13] and I learned more than 10 hours scouring the internet.”

“I really like Redline13 and how it keeps the server up and to enable running multiple tests very. very quickly.”

I use redline whenever I need to perform some really heavy tests.”

“Thanks for the support, you guys are awesome.”

“I love your service because it's very easy.  The site is nice and simple and getting going could not be easier.”

“I love your product, it is easy to use and so cheap, we have had great success.”

“I have to say I’m impressed.  You guys have seriously done a great job so far and I hope you keep it up and continue to support and improve the service.”